Royal Russell IMUN 2016: The Preparation Part 2

Patricia Gomez: There’s less than a month left for our girls to go to Royal Russell School in London, where an IMUN conference is taking place between Saturday 22nd and Tuesday 25th October. Christina Connell is going as a chair in DISEC 1 and Leyre Tejedor is part of the ICJ and will be their Registrar. Representing Germany, Alejandra García is the ambassador and a delegate from DISEC 1, Maddalen Lázaro is part of SPECPOL 1, Marta Bareño is part of ECOFIN and Noelia Vieira is part of the environment committee. Representing Australia, Alejandra Connell is the ambassador and in the environment committee, María de la Peña is part of SPEC CON, Marta Fuente part of ECOFIN and Irati Salcedo is taking part in SPECPOL 1. Finally, I am going as part of the press team.
The girls have been doing research all summer, and now that school has started, they gather one day a week to write resolutions, help each other from one country to another and debate about different topics. They are more than excited to attend this conference.

image image image




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