MUN Workshop May 2016: The day itself

On Saturday 28 May, Colegio Ayalde hosted the second one-day workshop conference. 61 students from Ayalde, Munabe and the American School of Bilbao attended as delegates, with a further seven students attending as Chairs, Secretaries and Press/Media.


During the morning session, the three committees produced eight resolutions between them, three of which were then discussed and voted on in the General Assembly during the afternoon.


The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a great opportunity for new Munners to see what MUN is all about.

Sofia Echezarra: I´m one of the Heads of Admin. for January’s conference, and I’m really excited because on Saturday I attended my first MUN Conference!! It was a one-day MUN Workshop Conference organised by Ayalde and the American School of Bilbao. I participated as a secretary and although at the beginning I was a little bit lost, I soon understood how everything worked.

I found it a really enriching experience as I improved my English, I met knew people, I learned debating skills and what’s more important, we all helped to change our world into a better one. Now, even though I know it’s going to be more work and more exhausting, I’m looking forward for January’s conference much more!! And, in addition, after yesterday’s conference I found myself more prepared for it.

I hope that everyone that participated on Saturday at the conference enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope to see you all in January!


Carmen Real de Asua: On Saturday, we had the honor of attending and participating in the MUN mini conference at Colegio Ayalde. The delegates were from the American School of Bilbao, Munabe and Ayalde.

We arrived at 9.30 and then we separated in three rooms depending on our committee. In each room, there were debated different topics: Mistreatment of women, the refugee crisis in Europe and the South China Sea dispute. There, we separated ourselves in groups depending what our country thought about the issue and we wrote a resolution. At 11.30, we had a quick break and after that, we continued working and then we went to the txoko for lunch.

At 1.30, the General Assembly started and some parents came to watch. We were separated in tables with our country’s name and a flag. The Chairs and the Ambassadors did a short speech and then we debated the resolutions and we voted on them.

All in all, it was a great experience that I recommend to anyone that likes this type of activity, we had a lot of fun and we learned a lot.




MUN Workshop May 2016: Preparation

After the success of our workshop with the American School of Bilbao in January, we are repeating it again although we have changed the format slightly. The morning will be spent in three committees:

Human Rights discussing the question of refugees in Europe

ECOSOC discussing the question of the mistreatment of women

Disarmament and International Security discussing the question of the South China Sea dispute

The afternoon session will be the Opening Ceremony with Ambassador speeches and then debate on the resolutions produced by the committees during the morning.

For this workshop, new students who are interested in doing MUN next school year are coming along to observe and Colegio Munabe will also be joining us for the first time.

Carmen Bilbao: I’m really excited to start MUN because it’s a very interesting subject mainly because we will be taught how to debate and also we talk about different topics. It’s a good way to learn how to speak in public and feel more confident while speaking English. Another thing I hope I get to learn is a lot of history and culture from other countries.

Rosie Tregenza: My name is Rosie Tregenza and I am 14 years old. I am currently in 3rd ESO at my school Ayalde.I am English but I live and study in the Basque Country of Spain. In May we were given the chance to choose a new lesson to start next academic year. I have chosen Model United Nations (MUN) because I beleive it can teach me many things. Not only will I learn skills such as public speaking, meeting protocols and organisation but I will also learn about the UN system and the many topics it covers such as economics, politics, health and security. It also gives me the chance to meet new people and to learn about different cultures. On May the 28th I have my first conference coming up and I am very excited. I am counting the days on my calendar.