Sofia Pérez-Sasia and Tadea Lopez: This year we have attended two different MUN conferences. The first one took place in Royal Russell in october whereas the second one was in Prague in april. Even though we found lots of differences between the two conferences we have enjoyed both of them a lot!

We found Royal Russell more professional because there were 500 students and the mayority were native speakers. In Prague, as the mayority of people was chezk their level of english was very similar to ours and it was easyer to participate and follow up. The biggest difference between the conferences was that in Royal Russell we had to prepare a resolution before getting there and it had to pass the lobbing to be presented to all the delegates in the commite. In Prague, the resolution was made by groups of delegates whose countries had the same opinions. We must point out that as we prepared a resolution before going, we felt a lot more confortable there.

About the accomodation, in London we stayed in the school where the conference, the social events and the dinning hall took place. We found that very confortable and easy to follow the schedule. In Prague we stayed in the “Irish Eden Hotel” which was really nice but a bit far away from the conference. We had to take a bus and subway everyday to get to the school or to the center of Prague. We found very interesting that the mayority of delegates stayed in the same hotel so we were able to meet them before the conference.

According to the social events, they were very enjoyable in both places. In London there was a small disco in the school every night while in Prague there were different social events such as the ice-breacking activity, the karaoke and the final party.

We are very thankful for these opportunities that the school has offered us, which have not only showed us an international enviroment but have also made us aware of many problems that are real around the world today.

Sofia at Royal Russell
Tadea at Royal Russell



PORGMUN, Prague: The Conference itself, Day 6

Coleta Mugica: The General Assembly started with a brief speech from the president of the GA and an introduction to all the committees and their work. The first one, the Security Council, the resolution passed with the majority (only one vote against) and they all received an special award. Next was the international court of justice and after the historical security council and the procedure was the same, the resolution successfully passed. After that, the secretary presented the more “conventional” (as he said) committees, in which only a resolution on one of the two topics was discussed. The debate began with ECOSOC committee, then ECOFIN (with a very interesting performance though not too suitable for this moment), human rights, environmental, human trafficking committee, disarmament and international security, gender equality and finally the drugs and crime committee. All the resolutions passed with the exception of the drugs and crime’s resolution. Although clapping is not in order when a resolution does not pass, we really enjoyed María Garralda’s speech (and not point of information) in favor of legalizing drugs. However, she “did open to NO point of information” probably so nobody would walk to the podium while she was still up there!

Natalia Cardenal: When the General Assembly finnished, we started the closing ceremony, which started with a gift from the secretariat to all the chairs. It was very nice because this gift was a flower, and it was given in representation of all their work and effort they had done to carry out the conference. Then, one of the members of the secretariat made a speech on behalf of the whole. It was very sincere and emotional, she expressed her feelings and her experience within the preparation of the PORGMUN. To end up, the president of the General Assembly thanked us, the delegates, for assisting to their conference and there, the conference was finished.

Maria Garralda: On Sunday like always, we went to mass. But not to a normal mass. We went to the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Malá Strana. And why is so special? It’s special because in this church is located THE INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE. The Infant Jesus of Prague (Czech: Pražské Jezulátko; Spanish: Niño Jesús de Praga) is a 16th century Roman Catholic wax-coated wooden statue of child Jesus holding a globus cruciger, located in the Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious in Malá Strana, Prague, Czech Republic. Pious legends state that the statue once belonged to Saint Teresa of Avila. This is a small statue of 19-inch (48 cm) high, wooden and coated wax representation of the Infant Jesus. The surface of the wax is quite fragile. In order to protect the fragile wax surface, the bottom half below the waist is enclosed in a silver case.The right hand of the statue is raised in a gesture of blessing, with two fingers raised symbolizing the two natures of Jesus Christ and the three folded fingers represent the Holy Trinity. The left hand holds an imperial orb surmounted by a cross, signifying sovereignty. The image is clothed in a long robe below which his bare feet can be seen. In the past, the statue was decorated with small jewels, presented as gifts. The most valuable one was a copy of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which is now lost. The exact origin of the Infant Jesus statue is not known, but historical sources point to a small 19 inch (48 cm) high sculpture of the Holy Child with a bird in his right hand presently located in the Cistercian monastery of Santa María de la Valbonna in Asturias, Spain. I was specially interested in this church. I was told that no matter how I just had to go and visit it. As I didn’t know Prague I couldn’t be able to find it but finally, Nicola found the church. We had planned to go to mass at 6:00pm but we were so lucky that they were just starting to celebrate one. And the church was amazing, it was almost covered in gold. But unfortunately, the mass was in French which is a language that I don’t understand as i do history of arts, so I got told off by Nicola a few times due to the fact that i couldnt stop speaking. Poor Nicola. In conclusion, the church was amazing and I still amazed of what I’ve seen. I would go back tomorrow just to see it again.

Claudia Fernandez: After a perfect week in Prague, finally, on Monday 11th, it was time for the students to go back home. We met at 6:30 am to take the taxi-bus which gave us a lift to the airport. The hotel supported us a packlunch and so while waiting for the first plane we had breakfast. Then we took the flight from Prague to Dusseldorf, where we were making a stopover as the first day. In there, we had a quick meeting to talk about the experience and discuss things which could be improved. The second and last flight of our trip was from Dusseldorf to Bilbao, it was in time so we arrived as expected at 2:30 pm. Some of the students were picked up there by their parents, the others had to go back to Ayalde and took the school bus in their way back home.

PORGMUN, Prague: The conference itself, Day 5

Maria Bailly-Bailliere Mendiondo: The second day of the conference, Saturday, the people of the Economic and Social committee and I discussed the issue of “Tackling the proliferation of curable diseases in countries suffering from poverty”. We had to find possible solutions to dicrease the number of people dying from diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS, bearing in mind that these people do not have resources to buy medicines or pay for an expensive, long and harmful treatment.

Thanks to our funny chairs, our long and hard work was more entertaining. They organized some games during the conference, for example: all delegates had to vote for the best couple of the committee, the best dressed, the best smile, the one who was probably going to end in prison… Also, they put a “Gossip Box” in which the delegates could write anonymous rumours about the people in the committee, for example: “I love the Chair” or ” the delegate of Syria isn’t as weird as it seems”, “don’t talk to China, he is so boring”.

At the end of the day, everyone had participated by doing some speeches or points of information, and a resolution had been passed. We finished with some dances and the Chairs gave us a certificate for participating on PorgMun.

Maria Martinez-Amutio: We started with the lobbying session from 9:00 to 10:30. We shared and put together our terrorism resolutions. Later, one chair was punished because he was late and he danced very funnily. Then we had a short 10 minutes break. When we returned at 10:45 to the committee we started debating the first resolution submitted by the Syrian Arab Republic. The resolution did not pass because they wanted to radicalisate. After, we went to lunch at 12:00. At 12:55 we needed to be in our committee or we would be punished by the chairs. Maria Garralda and Maria Tellaeche were late and they had to sing “my heart will go on”, they did not know it so it was funny. After lunch we debated the other resolution submitted by the French Republic and did not pass neither. There were 11 votes in favor, 11 against and 4 abstainstions. We finished at 15:45 and we had a short 15 minutes break. We returned to the committee at 16:00 and none of us were late. As we had one hour left we voted for: the prettiest girl and boy, the best well-dressed, the delegate who will finish in jail, the delegate who will be a leader, etc. When the game finished, the chairs gave us a certificate to certify that we had participate in a Model United Nations conference.



Ana Guillen: Saturday night was great. All the delegates, chairs and organizers went to a party organized by Porgmun. It was in a big pub in the center of Prague, called Shusnej Kanal. We danced and sing. It was a good opportunity to meet all the delegates from the different committies. We enjoyed a lot.





PORGMUN, Prague: The Conference itself, Day 4

Mariana Gomeza: Friday, was the second day of the conference; but the first for debating resolutions. I took part in the Human Rights Committee and i represented The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On friday, we were discussing the topic of combatting the institutional racism. At first, i was pretty nervous and worried of doing it wrong and the sense of feling ridiculous, but after the first break , i soon started making a couple points of information, questions and even a speech. It was a long and intense event, but i am sure we all had lots of fun; we past one resolution, which was presented by the delegation of The United Kingdom and northen Ireland. I was specially amazed how people were prepared and how much they knew about the different topics. So, not only we have improved our english and our skills on speaking in front of many people, but also, we have learnt several things about the different countries point of view on racism, that i personally didn’t know.


Maria Tellaeche: After yesterday’s “ice breaker” where we met all delegates from our committee, today we all went to the PORGMUN college where all committes have to discuss their topics. My committee is on drugs and crime and we started with lobbing our resolutions and putting all of our ideas together. In the morning we started with the resolution made by the Russian Federation which passed successfully. Then we had lunch and in the afternoon we debated the second resolution made by the United States if America. This resolution passed as well but will not be debated in the general assembly.
Because some delegates handed in late their position papers, they had a punishment where they had to dance in front of our hole committee, and it was really funny.

Valvanera Boogen:  Porgmun organized an event for each night. On friday night we went to the student club Celetna and did karaoke and we really had an amazing time. The party did not begin until we arrived as we were the first ones in going up on the stage and sing. There where lots of people from all over the world, from Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Check republic, Egipt… so there was a great variety of music. We learnt a lot about other cultures and music as each country played their typical songs, we also made a lot of friends.



PORGMUN Prague, the Conference itself, Day 3

Monica Barturan: The first day when we woke up we were so nervous. We had to wake up at 9:00 o clock in morning. We went to have breakfast wich was delicous. Later on at 10:30 we went downstairs to the reception and that was the moment when maria garralda lost her buspass.

When we arrived to the conference room we got amaized by the incredible modern instalitations. There was a giant podium where the organizers were sitting and lots of seats wich were very confortable.

Attending the conference were 243 students from 11 countries, including Ireland, Italy, USA, Spain, Poland, Egypt, turkey, Greece, Germany, Czeck republic and the Netherlands. The delegates were aged between 15-20 yrs old.

We listened to two spectacular speeches given by the Czech general in reserves Andor Šándor and the Czech soldier who gave their opinion on the topic of ISIL.
When they both finished we went out for a break and we met a lot of people from diferent countries. Later on, after break, every country’s ambassador made an speech to introduce their culture, their opinion about a wide range of topics…, they all were interesting and we had a great experiance

Sofia Blanco: After a hard day at the conference, we participated in the ” Ice Breaker’ event which was organised by the Porg school. The aim of this meeting was knowing the other members of the committees by playing some games.

It took place in a big pub called Restaurant U Cerneho slunce, which was placed in the center of Prague. We had to take a bus and the train but we finally arrived there. There were a lot of tables, each for one comitted. We started by presentimg ourselfs and then, we went on to play some awesome games.


After the meeting, we went to a sushi restaurant to have dinner. It was a great experiencie and gave me confidence to the next day conference!!! We are having a very good time in Prague!!!


PORGMUN, Prague: The Conference itself, Day 2

Wednesday 6th April, 2016

Whilst at the Royal Russell MUN conference in October 2015, Nicola Dignum met a teacher from a school in Prague who then invited us to visit her school and meet her students. So at 10am, the teacher, Jana, and her students came to our hotel and took us to their school. We started with some students explaining the education systems.

Maria Garralda: Two students from Gymnasium omska, Veronika Linharkova and Magdelena Kralova, gave a speech about the Czeck education system and their school whilst Sofia Pérez-Sasia talked about Ayalde and the Spanish education system.

In this school children of 3 years old start to go to pre school and its free. But in ayalde the pre school is not có pulsars and its a privals school so you have to pay, its not free.

At this school , when you are 6 years old you start primary school whigh is free. In ayalde, when you are in secondary school it takes 4 years to finish it. And later on, you must choose between some dinferential programs : biology , maths, and che ister’s or social whigh consist on psicology geography economics and humanities.

But at this school when you are in 3 grade you must choose if you want to stay or you want to change of school. And at the end of seco dairy you must take a graduate exam. And in ayalde you prepare for some final exams to go to the university.


Natalia Cardenal: After the speeches about the Czech and Spanish education systems in schools, we went to a classroom with all the students. We were divided in groups in order to get to know them. For this, they had prepared some questions they wanted to ask us, and in this way they knew what we like doing or the kind of life we have. After this, they showed us their school which was very small. We had an amazing time with them, and it was really nice to meet people from a different country who may not think the same as us.

Claudia Fernandez and Ana Guillen: Next, we had the opportunity to be guided by the students around the outskirts of Prague. The route was:

St. Wenceslas Church in Vrsovice, built in the 19th century in the functionalism style. The name came from Wenceslas 1, Duke of Bohemia.


Krymská Street is an important street but not as popular as historical. It has a great social and cultural activity, mostly at night.

Jan Hug Congregation House is a building of Czechoslovak Hussite Church. IT is divided in three parts – chapel, Tower and block of flats.
Vinohrady waterworks: when this part of the town was independent it was used to storage and distribute water.
Church the most Saintheart of God is nominated as an  UNESCO sight.

The sixth stop was to have lunch in the typical czech restaurant, the food was great and not expensive.

Alejandra Connell: At noon after the guided tour of the sorrundings of Prague, we stopped for lunch in a restaurant called Pivnice Usadu. It was a local food restaurant near the main square. We sat at the terrace because it was good weather, and after reading the menu we started ordering. The Czech people that were with us recommended some typical dishes, and that is what most of us ordered. The staff was quickly and the food was very good looking and tasty. We had a wonderful meal chatting with the Czech students, we learned a lot of the food they eat and how they eat. The meal wasn’t very expensive and you needed to pay only in crowns. After this nice meal we continued with the tour.

After lunch, we saw the Zizkov Television Tower, the highest building in the Czech Republic, where there can be found there a restaurant, cafe and an observatory. Furthermore, 10 statues of babies are climbing it.

The Jewish Cementery in Olšany is located just next to Zizkov Television Tower and is the biggest Jewish cementery not only in Prague but in the Czech Republic. Palace Akropolis is a little coloured building where most of the concerts in Prague take place.

Our tour finished here and the students from Omska left us and we went into the center of Prague.

Marcela Kelly: After being all the day with the students that were walking with us around Prague, we went to the center of the city at 16:00. There, we split up into three different groups, Tania and Nicola went together to walk around the city. The 2º of bach girls were the second group and finally the fourth of ESO girls completed the third group. We decided to meet up again at 18:00 at the center of the city.

The second of bach girls had a lot of fun as they rented a segway for half an hour and made a tour all around Prague and saw many famous places of the city. They loved it. Tania and Nicola went to have a coffee and went to see Charle’s bridge (a very famous and beautiful bridge in Prague). And us, the fourth of ESO girls, walked all around the center of Prague. We had a wonderful and funny experience as we got lost for half an hour. We finally found the way back to the original place. We arrived 40 minutes late but we really enjoyed visiting all the city and we all have a really good memory of that afternoon as we laughed a lot because of getting lost. It was a great afternoon we all had a wonderful time!


Finally at 19:20 more or less we all went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.