PORGMUN, Prague 7 – 11 April: Preparation 2

We are now only a month away from leaving for Prague and the students are very busy preparing Position Papers and Resolutions based on their research. They have also been busy researching Prague and what we can see and do there.

Students’ comments

Coleta Mugica: These last days we have been preparing our position papers for Prague MUN 2016. Position papers are four short paragraph texts in which the delegate of each country explains the opinion and hopes that its country has about a topic. As the delegate of Afghanistan in the Disarmament and International Security Committee(DIS), I have had to write two position papers for the two topics of the Committee. The first one calls for a solution to the South China Sea dispute and the other one is about establishing a ethical legal framework for killer robots (autonomous weapon systems).

The hardest part of the whole process is to make sure that the information is complete and true. We have to investigate a lot about our country’s opinion on the matter and certify that everything is correct. Once we have this, we should know the ideas that we have to reflect in our position papers and everything is easier.
Now, we can move forward to the resolutions and this involves the continuation of our research.

Alejandra Connell: We are working on resolutions, which are documents where a current problem is presented and then given ideas and solutions to it. Each delegate defends the point of view of the assigned country, so it helps to develop the way of looking for information and browsing the web to get the important ideas and facts that we should know. As everything is in English our capacity of reading, understanding and also of focusing on the greatest ideas will improve as well our English level. Apart from the general knowledge that we are acquiring while writing these resolutions, we are gaining self confidence to allow us to be prepared to defend these topics in front of other delegates.
It could sound challenging, and it is, however we would not regret the hard work because we will get the most out of MUN (Model United Nations).

Maria Tellaeche: In less than a month we are going to go to the MUN conference in Prague where we will practice our English skills. We will also spend a whole day visiting Prague. We are very excited as none of us have been before in this amazing city.

Prague is divided in three parts: the Josefov jewish quarter, the old town and The charles bridge. Near the charles bridge, there is a street that is the narrowest of the world that we would like to visit. Inside the old town there are lots of very nice places that we could visit as well, like the astronomic clock, the powder tower, the Tyn church… And in the Josefov Jewish quarter we could visit the old Jewish cemetery, the old-new synagogue and the Spanish synagogue. On the outskirts we could visit the dancing house and the Wenceslao square.

We will inform you during our journey how everything is going. We are all very excited.