Royal Russell IMUN October 2016: The Preparation

From Saturday 22 October to Wednesday 26 October 2016, Ayalde will once again be attending the international MUN hosted by Royal Russell School in Croydon, England. Eleven students will be travelling to the conference along with Ayalde’s MUN advisor, Nicola Dignum and English teacher Beth Boyle.

Two students are attending this conference for the second time: Christina Connell, who is in the process of deciding if she wants to apply to be a Chair, and Leyre Tejedor, who would like to repeat the ICJ. Nine students from 4th ESO will be attending for the first time, eight as delegates and one as part of Royal Russell’s Media team.

At the end of May, we will find out what countries the students will be representing and what committees they will be sitting on. Until then, the students are preparing by learning about the United Nations in general and following the international news.


Maria Sierra: Last saturday, we attended a Model United Nations meeting where the ASB and Ayalde School represented different countries to practice and know how the MUN works. It wasn’t as I had expected it to be, it was very formal and the topics that we were talking about were very serious. I think it was a very good idea to attend this meeting, to know how I need to prepare my speech and all the information I have to search, also to have more experience and to be more prepared on October.

Irati Salcedo: In the Mun in London I expect to achieve my goals. This is, I expect to improve my English accent and my debating skills. I look forward to learning how to control my nerves and speaking more fluently, as I’m not used to speaking in public, particularly in English. I honestly found the Mun Workshop very useful. As I was able to understand the debating procedure works.

I’m currently watching the news and reading the newspaper practically every day . Moreover in my free time I’m researching, general information, on the Internet, because not all of the things that happen around the world are shown on the news. In addition to this sometimes I go on YouTube and watch some videos from the Mun. To learn how should I debate, as I have only done it once.

Patricia Gomez: By attending to the MUN in London as part of the media team I expect to improve my editing skills and control of the technological devices, apart from learning new vocabulary and developing my english by talking to native people. Moreover, even though I won’t be part of a delegation and therefore, I won’t be able to make a speech in front of people, I expect to learn and understand how an actual conference works.

To prepare myself, I am constantly taking pictures and recording videos to edit them later, watching tutorials on Youtube (only in English) about how to make certain effects. In addition, I try to make my videos similar to the ones that Royal Russell School’s students make so when we go to London, I know how they work.

Silvia Gomeza: I’m so excited with the idea of going to the MUN conference in London next october! I think it might be an amazing experience, as we will have to debate about different topics with people from all over the world and we will also meet new people, which is always great! But this also requires a lot of work during the year. Till now, we have been researching information about a country by pairs (India in my case), and we had to know everything about it: population, politics, interests… But the two main topics we have been working on are terrorism and fracking. As I said before, we have done lots of researching, and last month, we assisted to a mini MUN conference that the school had organised with the American School of Bilbao. We learned very interesting things about other countries and we had lots of fun.


PORGMUN, Prague Abril 2016: The Preparation

On 5th April 2016 16 students, along with the MUN advisor Nicola Dignum and English teacher Tania Santiago, will be travelling to Prague to attend the PORGMUN 4-day conference. The conference starts on Thursday 7th April and runs until Sunday 10th April and we are travelling home on Monday 11th April.

On 6th April, we will be spending the day with MUN students from Omska School who we met at the Royal Russel IMUN in October. We will be going to their school in the morning and then they are going to show us around Prague in the afternoon. they are also attending the PORGMUN conference.

The students have now been alloted their countries and committees. The committees contain 25 students and will each discuss two topics. Right now, the girls are researching their countries and the topics in order to write a Position Paper on each topic by 14 March. They also need to prepare a Resolution to take with them to be conference. Having just attended the mini-conference at Ayalde, the girls have realized how important research is in order to be able to participate fully.

Students‘ Comments:

Claudia Fernandez, Delegate for Finland: All the students who are going to PORGMUN are preparing to for it in different ways.
First, we are all looking for the basic knowledge of the country we are representing, including history, politics, economy, demography, culture and other relevant information.
Then, depending on the committe we are representing, each of us has to get to know as much as posible about the points of view of our country avoiding personal opinion.
After this first step, we will have to write a position paper of our country based on the most relevant information we have found.
Later, we must write a resolution representing the opinion and position of our country regarding a specific topic.
It is also really important to get to know the rules of procedure.
Finally, I would like to mention that even the theoric part is really important, the students of Ayalde had the oportunity to spend one day practising with the students of the American School of Bilbao which was a great experience of learning for all of us!

Natalia Cardenal, Delegate for Finland: The fourth of ESO and some Bachilerato girls are getting prepared to assist to the MUN conference that will be held next april in Prague. Each one of us represent a country in different committees. We all need to get to know our country perfectly, as we will be the ones that will defend their point of view, even if it is a different opinion of ours. The more information we search, the best preparation we will have and the better we will do in Prague. We will all try to represent the country the way it is and also, represent Ayade school very well, as there will not be any other Basque schools at this conference.

Sofia Blanco, Delegate for Israel: During the last two months, we have been preparing for the MUN conference in Prague. Firstly, we did some researches on the UN so we now know how it works. When the topics of the conference came out, we started not only investigating our countries point of view about the topic , but also having information about the others countries in our comitee. The next few weeks, we will continue serching information about our country. I am sure that by April we would be in order to participate and have a good time at this great conference!

Valvanera Boogen, Delegate for Nigeria: Since october, we have been preparing for the Model United Nations conference in Prague. We started by doing a general research about what was and how does the United Nation works. By now we have been assigned the country that we will represent and the comitte we will be in and we have started not only researching information about our country point of view about the toppics that will be discussed, but also having a basic general knowledge about our country politically, economically… And about the others countries in our comitte. We still need to be researching for more information for being informed about the latest news. We are doing our best to be well prepared for the aprils conference in Prague, i am sure we will have a really good time.